The following steps are intended for professionals interested in becoming certified in the ESDM and who:
· Work regularly with 12-48 month aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
· Have educational degrees beyond a bachelor’s or the academic equivalent from your country of origin (e.g., MA, Ph.D., MFT, SLP, OT)
· Work as part of an interdisciplinary team (e.g., general/special education teacher, developmental/clinical psychologist, SLP, OT, behaviour analyst)
· Have the resources to submit training materials (after the workshop is complete) to our center for fidelity review and certification.

Step 1: Attend ESDM Training Workshop

After reading the manual, there are two workshops available for training in the ESDM.
The Introductory Workshop addresses the main aspects of the ESDM but is not intended to train professionals to fidelity. Participants will participate in all workshop activities, including didactic instruction, videotaped exercises, and group discussion.
The Advanced Workshop includes interactive sessions with children with ASD to equip professionals with the information, skills, and resources necessary to correctly implement the ESDM within their organization. Trainees will work daily with children with direct supervision from the Trainer. Trainees’ fidelity scores in the ESDM will increase daily, with fidelity reaching at minimum 75% at the end of the workshop. Professionals will be required to submit follow- up training materials to demonstrate their continued competency in the ESDM following the Advanced Training Workshop (details listed below).

You must bring the ESDM manual to the workshops. Enrollment in the Introductory and Advanced Workshops may be done concurrently.

Introductory Workshop:

Learn about the background, principles, assessment, data, and intervention procedures of the ESDM.

Topics include how to:
· Administer and complete a developmental assessment of children’s skill levels
· Develop individualized, developmentally-appropriate teaching objectives
· Implement the ESDM teaching practices and fidelity system to evaluate technique use

· Maintain data systems and address poor or limited child progress, when needed

Advanced Workshop:

Graduates of the Introductory Workshop will learn how to carry out ongoing therapy using the ESDM. Teams of 3-5 professionals will be grouped together to receive direct practice with children with ASD and supervision with implementing an ESDM intervention program. Coaching and feedback will be provided on how to generate and embed a developmentally-appropriate teaching curriculum into naturalistic routines for young children with ASD.

Topics include how to:
· Use the curriculum for evaluating a child’s skill level across developmental domains
· Build quarterly objectives and data systems and address poor or limited child progress when needed · Teach developmental objectives embedded inside naturalistic play routines
· Self-evaluate technique use of intervention strategies.

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