Services We Offer

We offer Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), developmental delays & disorders. We create an individualized learning plan that’s right for your child and your whole family.

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Comprehensive, Focused and Consultative ABA services

We use an interdisciplinary, evidenced based approach in providing ABA therapy. Our experienced professional team will work together with parents, educators, and professionals in all areas of the child’s life to enable an individualized, relevant and meaningful program. Our comprehensive ABA program sets program goals across multiple developmental domains (communication, play, adaptive, social, academic etc.).

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Integration Support, Academic Support & School Readiness Programs

Our transition, integration and support programs are unique to your child. We believe learning should be fun and teaching through motivation is the foundation of all our programs.

We offer academic tutoring, Small Group ABA programs, transition classrooms, and individualized integration support into a variety of community settings.

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Parent Coaching

Parent involvement is the cornerstone of our program. We emphasize interaction with your child as well as learning important techniques to maximize learning in the home and the community to ensure consistent, positive behaviour.

Parents and caregivers are provided with hands-on training in the home, opportunities to observe live sessions, participate in workshops and attend regular progress meetings. We help parents navigate the funding system and community supports.

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Psychotherapy Services

We offer Individual, Couples and Family Psychotherapy Services. Individual therapy is for children, youth, or adults of all neurotypes. Couples therapy is for two or more individuals in a primary or romantic relationship and Family therapy is for primary caregivers and those they care for. This may include grandparents, parents, siblings, among others.


Social and Play Groups

Our social and play programs are designed to be individualized, inclusive and collaborative.

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Infant and Toddler Developmental Screenings

Portia is pleased to offer free developmental screenings for children between 6 and 36 months of age.

The screening will provide information about the child’s language and social skills and identify if there are any red flags for autism. Parents will be provided with a brief report and recommendations for next steps.

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At Portia, we offer a variety of service options depending the needs and resources of each client.

Comprehensive ABA (also referred to as Intensive Behaviour Intervention IBI)

Typically, 15–40 hours per week with program goals across multiple developmental domains (communication, play, adaptive, social, academic etc.). Oftentimes behaviour reduction programs are also part of the program (non-compliance, stereotypy). These programs are initially delivered in a 1:1 environment and can eventually move to small-group settings.

Focused ABA

Typically, less hours than a comprehensive program (1–14 hours per week) that focuses on treatment for a limited number of functional skills or acute problem behaviour. A focused ABA program will usually target one to two developmental domains such as reducing challenging behaviour and increasing functional or adaptive skills, increasing social skills, or increasing communication skills.

Small Group ABA

Small group ABA programs are 2:3 or 1:4 ratio programs and focus on essential living skills such as waiting, transitions, learning in a group, communication, and adaptive skills.

Consultative ABA Services

Providing training or supervision for outside professionals or caregivers.

Consultative Services Offered:

Jump Start Program

Comprehensive skill-based assessment, functional behaviour assessment (if applicable) and report, program development and training of a caregiver to implement the program. Regular program supervision.

In-Home Caregiver Training

Skill based assessment, functional behaviour assessment (if applicable). Focused program development and training of caregiver(s) to implement the program. Regular follow-up of progress.

Educational Workshops

For employers, schools, community partners

Behavioural Assessment and Report Only

Comprehensive skill-based assessment and report with recommendations

Crisis assessment, planning, and transitional support

In the event that there is severe aggression or highly unsafe behaviours (such as elopement, flopping in unsafe areas, property destruction, self-injury, etc.) we can provide consultative support to families, treatment centres, hospitals, educational environments, and other community settings as necessary to design a protocol for effective and safe support for all persons involved.

Collaboration with school teams/allied health professionals/employers/
hospitals/treatment centres

Consultation to provide recommendations. Intensity will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

BCBA oversight of allied health professionals

Providing supervision of professionals seeking BCBA or BCaBA certification or seeking consultation to their practice.

Our Approach to Care



When your child enters our ABA program, they receive a comprehensive skill-based assessment and a customized plan designed to enhance their language development, communication, daily living skills, social and play skills, adaptive skills, and reduce challenging behaviours.



Our philosophy is learning through motivation. Play is a critical learning tool in the life of a child. Children learn best through their interests. Our skilled team of ABA therapists strive to create an inclusive, fun and welcoming environment where the needs of every child will be met in a safe, secure, and engaging setting.



The Portia Learning Centre has been delivering quality ABA services to families since 2006. We have a dedicated and talented team that is committed to working with your family to make sure treatment goals are realized across all environments. On average families have trusted us with their child for 1.5 to 2 years prior to transitioning to school. The experience of our team can’t be replicated!

Our Methodology

When a child enrolls in our program, they receive a comprehensive skill and function based assessment, and a customized treatment plan. The individualized treatment plan for each child will focus on learning through motivation with an emphasis on capturing and contriving naturalistic teaching opportunities.

Treatment goals will include areas of need such as communication, daily living skills, reducing challenging behavior, social and play skills, fine and gross motor, and group learning skills in conjunction with parent/family training, generalization and collabo- ration with outside professionals. We focus goals based on the need of the whole family. Parent/caregiver and family involvement is essential.

We use Portia ABA Clinic Software for our Program Development, Data Collection and Reporting. The use of technology in our practice increases visibility into the child’s progress, and allows for timely changes and provides more hands-on time.