Whether your loved one is an infant, child or adult, Portia Learning Centre offers a variety of ABA Services to suit their unique needs. Our team of Behaviour Analysts, Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists and Physiotherapists are here to help you and your family.

Our Proven Approach | Methodology

The Portia Learning Centre’s individualized ABA treatment programs follow a developmental approach for children of all ages, starting at 6-months of age. Skills are assessed using a variety of developmentally appropriate curricula, including the Portia Curriculum, developed in-house by our leading team of Behaviour Analysts!

The individualized treatment plan for your child will focus on learning through motivation. Treatment goals will include areas of need such as communication (conversation, joint attention, requesting, receptive and expressive language), daily living skills, reducing challenging behaviour, social and play skills, fine and gross motor, academic and group learning skills in conjunction with parent/family training, generalization and collaboration with outside professionals.

We focus goals based on the need of the whole family. Parent/caregiver and family involvement is essential. Our team will work with you and your family to make sure treatment gains are realized across all environments.

High Touch, High Care | We Understand

Our team includes Behavior Analysts (Senior Therapists); Therapists; Speech and Language Pathologists; Occupational Therapists; and Psychologists. Our continuous improvement model allows us to make incremental changes to a program on a daily basis, as required. These changes are led by evidence-based practices and leading research principles

Families stay with The Portia Learning Centre because of our dedication and commitment to never giving up on your child’s learning. On average families have trusted us with their child for 1.5 to 2 years prior to transitioning to school.

The experience of our team can’t be replicated!

Comprehensive, Focused and Consultative ABA services

We use an interdisciplinary, evidenced based approach in providing ABA therapy. Our experienced professional team will work together with parents, educators, and professionals in all areas of the child’s life to enable an individualized, relevant and meaningful program.

Comprehensive ABA

Our comprehensive ABA program is typically, 15-40 hours per week with program goals across multiple developmental domains (communication, play, adaptive, social, academic etc.). Oftentimes behaviour reduction programs are also part of the program (non-compliance, stereorypy, agression). These programs are initially delivered in a 1:1 environment and can eventually move to small-group settings.

Focused ABA

Our focused ABA program is typically, less hours than a comprehensive program that focuses on treatment for a limited number of functional skills or acute problem behaviour. A focused ABA program will usually target one to two developmental domains such as reducing challenging behaviour and increasing functional skills, increasing social skills, increasing communication skills. These programs can be delivered in a 1:1 or small group setting.

Consultative ABA Services

We offer a wide variety of consultative services. We provide skill and function based assessment and recommendations, hands on training to caregivers and outside professionals, workshops and ongoing supervision of outside professionals or caregivers.

Consultative programs include:
  1. 1. Jump Start Program:
    Our Jump start program includes a comprehensive skill based assessment, functional behaviour assessment (if applicable) and report, program development and training of a caregiver to implement the program. Ongoing program supervision and training.
  2. 2. Behavioural Assessment and Report Only
    We will conduct a comprehensive skill based and/or functional behaviour assessment and provide a report with recommendations
  3. 3. Crisis Intervention Training, Educational Workshops for employers, schools, community partners
    We have 5 certified Professional Crisis Management (PCM) Instructors to teach the practitioner course.
    We also offer customized workshops and hands on training
  4. 4. BCBA oversight of allied health professionals
    We can Provide supervision of professionals seeking BCBA or BCaBA certification or seeking consultation

Infant and Toddler Developmental Screenings

Portia is pleased to offer free developmental screenings for children between 6 and 36 months of age.

The screening will provide information about the child’s language and social skills and identify if there are any red flags for autism. Parents will be provided with a brief report and recommendations for next steps.

Did you know?
In addition to developmental screenings, Portia is also conducting a research study to evaluate a new parent training intervention that aims to reduce developmental and behavioral issues in infants at-risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

We are hoping to find infants to participate in this study. In particular, the following criteria are of great interest:

  • between the ages of 6-12 months (without a formal diagnosis) and identified by their paediatrician as high risk, or
  • has a sibling already diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, or
  • with a gestational age of 36 weeks or less

This study may identify a viable early developmental assessment package to use for identification of cognitive, social/emotional, and communication delays in premature infants and intervention procedures that may be therapeutically beneficial.

Portia Small Group ABA Classrooms, Integration Support, Academic Support and School Readiness Programs

Our small group ABA and transition programs, integration and support programs are unique to your child. We believe learning should be fun and teaching through motivation is the foundation of all our programs. Our goal is to help your child achieve success in all environments and reach their full potential.

Our small group ABA and transition programs, integration and support programs are unique to your child. We believe learning should be fun and teaching through motivation is the foundation of all our programs. Our goal is to help your child achieve success in all environments and reach their full potential.

We offer academic tutoring, Small Group ABA programs, transition classrooms, and individualized integration support into a variety of community settings.

Our Small group ABA programs are full time and part time programs for children with focus on social, communication and play skills. The program offers more intensive support than available in a typical pre-school childcare or school aged program.

Our transition classrooms focus on group interactive teaching, school readiness and pre-academic skills, independence and many opportunities for social and play that coincide with our weekly themes. When your child is ready to transition to school, we offer consultative and customized school integration support.

Our therapists will also be available to teach and support your child in many other community programs including daycare, pre-school, camps, social groups, sports and extra-curricular activities.

If your child requires focused support in a select academic subjects, we offer tutoring services.

Parent Coaching

Parent involvement is the cornerstone of our program. We emphasize interaction with your child as well as learning important techniques to maximize learning in the home and the community to ensure consistent, positive behaviour.

Parents and caregivers are provided with hands-on training in the home, opportunities to observe live sessions, participate in workshops and attend regular progress meetings. We help parents navigate the funding system and community supports. We encourage sibling involvement as well, and strive to create an interactive approach to family involvement. We don’t just coach parents, we educate and enable parents to be confident. Our collaborative approach to parent coaching empowers families to be strong advocates for their children so they are successful and supported in the future. In addition to parent coaching within our ABA services, we also offer consultative parent coaching.

Social and Play Groups

Our social and play programs are designed to be individualized, inclusive and collaborative.

We offer a variety of social and play groups throughout the year. Check in with our calendar of events to see what programs we are currently offering.


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  • Learn from parents who open their hearts and share their journey with you.
  • Treatment options
  • Strategies for problem behaviours
  • Strategies to improve communication
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